Journal of a Lost Soul Part CDLXXXVIII

Posted: 3 October, 2015 in Journal, Life

Another day this week when I get up listless and wanting to sleep or doze all the time which is very frustrating indeed as I wanted to do so much this week. If anything this week I should be full of life as I am rested from the hassles of work though what did not help is the fact I had to visit work this week after which there have been these issues.

Looks like things at work are still having an unconscious effect on me which is still a bit surprising considering the main issue at work has left. I suspect it is the general atmosphere at work at work is still not helping as some people should have been forced to move on as they still causing myself and others issues. But as always the people in question have managed to get their own way yet again because they are so good at pulling their face and making people lives so difficult if they do not get their own way.

Sadly there are too many people who just want a quiet life regardless if the changes are much needed and the detrimental effect it has on others. It is not always a easy way out of some issues which need to be resolved sooner than later before they cause more damage.

At least my creative side is slowly moving forward with myself thinking of the World of Darkness Chronicle which definitely leaning towards a Mage: The Ascension side of the World of Darkness in so much that will be base rules and background used at the start of the Chronicle. The one thing is stopping me writing down the first part of the chronicle is how to write it down as the first part is an open ended investigation of a group of people.

Once I have got past this block it should be plain sailing to write things down though trying to make things interesting and off the wall slightly can still be difficult for me sometimes. But at least I am looking forward to the challenge of writing it down and actually running it. Mage: The Ascension is not exactly the easiest Role-Playing game to run but always struck me as the most rewarding if you get it right.

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