Leopards Never Change Their Spots As Does the Right Wing!

Posted: 2 October, 2015 in Comment, Life, politics

Here in the United Kingdom because of the possibility of the European Membership Referendum, still not a forgone conclusion now, and the referee problems of Europe but to the Wars in the Middle East the ugly head of the Extreme Right Wings has reared it’s ugly head again in our politics.

They much as their predecessors in Europe and even here in United Kingdom work on the fears of those people by taking the full advantage of those weak willed and plainly stupid people who believe everything has gone wrong with this country is because of foreigners. In modern world this being Muslims and the European Community who are both a threat to the independence and Christian nature of this country.

As always they do not back their political views with well thought out arguments or let alone real facts or truth but a mixture of intimidation, threats, propaganda, lies and even physical violence to those who dare stand up to them.

Well after all much like their predecessors if they allowed anyone to actually analyse their political beliefs even manifestos it would be found they are simple litany of hate and fear from some of the most intellectually changed people in society who simply no better.

They only exist in our society when times are hard for all of us and always on exist because we have a section of society who do not have the balls to work out of the issues and find it easier to blame people than actually do anything!

So as always the right wing will never change spots much like a leopard most of the time and I for one will not be a sheep but my own man regardless of their intimidation and threats!

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