United Kingdom: Islam Is Not The Real Threat!

Posted: 30 September, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

Due to successive United Kingdom, even United State, governments actions and policies aboard especially in response to the perceived threat from Muslim Terrorists have managed to paint the false picture that both Islam and it followers Muslim are dangerous and extremists. Basically all lies created for their own political purposes.

All this helped by a media fed by a conservative establishment latching on to this concept and amplifying this message ten fold at the expense of the truth. All in effort to make more money on the back of this demonisation of Islam and Muslim at their expense.

Of cause those of us who are bright enough to realise what has really gone on both here in the United Kingdom and United States would of already figured out it has all been a ruse by a conservative establishment to gain more power for themselves at the expense of people’s freedoms including the freedom of speech.

All this in the name of protecting the world from the scourge of the Muslims who are taking over the world and enforcing their religion on everyone. They have created a Western World which is full of fear of a threat which frankly no existent threat as the war and terrorist acts are largely isolated to the Muslim world of the Middle East and North Africa. If anything in recent years there have been very few terrorist acts done by Muslims in the Western World.

Add to this a United State media which spreads blatant lies about Europe being Islamised by these Muslim Terrorists in the Middle East who are terrorising the people of Europe. This of cause is far from the truth as the only result of the various wars in the Middle East is a major refugee issue on mainland Europe. Ironically a war to do with the control of a country rather than it’s religion as of all the Middle Eastern Wars have been in recent decades. ISIL is yet another group who happen to be extreme Muslims who want to carve out a new country in the Middle East st the expense of Iraq and Syria.

I have said this all before here and I thought I should say it again as I get to the main point of this journal in so much we have demonised Islam and the Muslims so much we have stopped watching those extremists within out own society which truly threaten our liberty and rights. These groups originating in similar groups on mainland Europe who have both existed in 1930s and 2000s who were responsible of killing people because of their ethnic background under the pretence of keeping their race pure and their homeland independence.

We are taking the extreme right wing parties which include Neo-Nazis, Nationalists and other extreme Right-Wing Groups who have used this perceived threat by Islam and the Muslims to increase their power base both in the United Kingdom and United States on the back of fear the governments and conservative establishment generated to increase their own power.

The current situation has allowed these groups to once again spout their poison, hate and bigotry but this time at the Muslims not the Jews as last time. This time they are accusing the Muslims of threatening their very way of life and enforcing their religion and culture on them. Strangely I have seen no covert of overt actions by Muslims of Europe to do this even through government.

But at always these people use other people’s fears over change, people who are different and losing control over their lives. They are pandering on the base nature of people again not to protect them or for any nationalist ideals but to increase both their own power and those select few who they think are worthy.

Here in the United Kingdom they tell people they are here to protect the independence of Britain from European rule and put our traditions first which as always are lies much as their predecessors as if they got into power we would find ourselves in an authoritarian society in which only those who conform and follow the party line will prosper while everyone else will be slaves to the state and the few.

The biggest irony of all these right wing groups work on the fear of the old both in the United Kingdom and United States those of whom ironically fought against the Nazi government of Germany in the 1930s and were shocked to find what the said government did to the Jews during the war. They condemned the Nazi for this action then only then to join a group which follow the exact same ideals some of which are not above doing the same to the Muslims of Europe.

The conservative establishment and government actions have allowed these groups to flourish because of their greed for power and they are at a lost what to do about them. Knowing full well it was their actions against the Muslims which directly caused their creation in the first place, they now try to distance themselves from the groups in the hope that none links them to their creation and they go away.

But they have caused a situation here in the United Kingdom, made worse by the European Membership Referendum, in which the biggest threat to our liberty, freedom of speech even our safety is not the Muslim extremists but our own grown extremists who are not above intimidation, lying even using force of arms to get their point over.

They may be currently a small, if very vocal, group but every right minded British Citizen has to stop these people in their tracks and stop them spreading their message of hate, racism and bigotry. They should stop them from darking the name and the flag of the United Kingdom or Great Britain as they do not and have never represented the real Britain and real British people!

Just for those people out there who do not know who I am talking about I am talking the extreme right wing groups here in the United Kingdom which include United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), British National Party (BNP), English Defence League (EDF), Britain First, British Democrats to name the major groups. These are real threat to the United Kingdom not the Muslims as these will be the ones who will really take away for liberty and rights!

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