Jeremy Corbyn: Is Not the Messiah But a Refreshing Change!

Posted: 30 September, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

I think what has become very apparent, even from Mr Jermy Corbyn, as the new Labour Party leader here in the United Kingdom is that he is not a Messiah but a real change in direction of British politics long overdue. That is he is that rare political creature in so much he actually believes in what he stands for and puts on a real face to the world warts in all.

Mr Jeremy Corbyn is what I was I was talking about that is a real politician who is out there to try to change the world for the better though in this case bring back things both the Conservatives and New Labour Parties here in the United Kingdom have taken from the people and society at a whole that is a real fair, inclusive and big society. Yes, I mean the big society Mr Cameron talks about but fails to implement for the majority of people but implements it for that rich 1% of the United Kingdom.

It does not matter if Mr Jeremy Corbyn actually succeeds or not but the very fact he has been voted in by the grass roots of the Labour Party and others is enough to send a message to the right wing conservative establishment that there is a sizeable majority of people within the United Kingdom who are fed up with their miss rule over the past decades via its pet political parties of the Conservatives and New Labour created by Tony Blair.

Mr Jeremy Corbyn has really rattled the conservative establishment, including the Labour MP in Westminster, as he is a threat to their rule which has been highlighted by blatant lies, misinformation even base verbal abuse they have put on the media. But rather than damaging his reputation they have effectively shown their true colours to the people of the United Kingdom in so much they shown they really have not place to be in the positions of power in the first place. It has made them look childish, unprofessional and incompetent in so much they only answer they have to Mr Jeremy Corbyn is playground name calling and smear campaign.

He has basically shown the weakness of the conservative establishment of the United Kingdom in so much it knows it legitimacy to actually be in power has been questioned by large majority of people here in the United Kingdom. That is it has failed to move on with the times if anything wants to take us back to a time to a class system where the rich will get richer on the backs of the workers of the United Kingdom. It also highlights the fact they have failed to even understand the changes which have occurred within British Society over the past decades it has become an anachronism in its own country.

Mr Jeremy Corbyn is effectively a message from the people that things need to change at Westminster and if the establishment and conservatives the next message from the people my not be as gentle and more extreme!

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