Depression: Riding the Roller-coaster!

Posted: 30 September, 2015 in Comment, depression, Life

Even after learning to live with my depression at times life is still a roller-coaster ride from high moods which I am still very active to low moods where all I want to do it sit around do nothing. The only difference now the moods are not as extreme and the cycle takes longer to change and less effected by external events and crisis.

There are also those times still fall into the real roller-coaster ride of a depression now only caused by more difficult and extreme situation in my life when I need extra help of antidepressants and therapy to get over the these periods of time. This is much like so called normal people though my down periods can be deeper and longer period.

This is all at a variance to the depth of my depression during which the roller-coaster of moods was far more extreme in so much I had times when everything was just fine and life was rosy to times when life was terrible and I wanted to find a way to end it. All this could be in the same day depending on what was happening around me and how I felt inside at the time. This certainly made being close to me more difficult as people would have to cope with the roller-coaster of moods which in itself always a tall order for anyone regardless of their mental states.

It is one of the many things I do not miss from the depths of my depression as it is always easier for myself and other that my moods do not change as much over short periods of time. It basically allows me to settle down and put more focus into following what is called a normal life not dominated by my depression.

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