European No Campaign: A Cascade of Lies!

Posted: 28 September, 2015 in Comment, Europe, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

As the potential of the European Membership Referendum looms here in the United Kingdom both sides are gearing up for their respective campaigns. Though currently the most vocal campaign is the no to Europe campaign though not surprising as the UKIP party conference has just taken place with the less than inspiring speech by Nigel Ferage.

Considering that already a large majority of people and business within the United Kingdom are pro-European already because they already understand the benefits of staying in Europe both economically and socially, the No to Europe Campaign already has an uphill struggle to get heard and taken seriously.

But rather than giving real arguments against Europe and why United Kingdom should leave Europe they are resorting to blatant lies and pandering to that minority and more extreme nationalists to get their no campaign started. Basically they are using some people fears and bigotry as anti-European argument rather than real arguments against Europe.

All in all the No to Europe campaign has no real substance other than empty arguments, lies and half truths. If anything they will do more damage to the reputation of United Kingdom painting a picture of our country as nationalistic, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim Christian country which simply far from the truth.

The truth is the United Kingdom may not be the big world player any more and bit frayed around the edges but it is still big player within Europe which is recognised and respected both by France and Germany. If anything we should be more active within Europe to shape both it’s future and ours.

In the end I hope the people do not fall for the lies, half truths of the No to Europe Campaign as leaving Europe would be last straw as far as the United Kingdom is concerned as it would finally mean our country will fade into obscurity and become a real backwater of Europe and World.

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