What Does the Living Wage Will Mean to Me?

Posted: 14 September, 2015 in Comment, Life, living wage, United Kingdom

Here on 6th April 2016 in the United Kingdom business will have to pay their employee’s a living wage rather than a minimum wage. This much to the surprise to the employers who expected the Conservative Government here not to pay the living wage and leave things as they were, believing the Conservatives would look after business first before the workers!

It looks like the Conservative party have finally found some morals and a social conscious which is at a variance to their usual actions currently. But it also could be they have realised things could not go on as it is as far too many people are being underpaid by employers who are making profits off the backs of these workers and it is only matter of time this will lead to civil disorder as people can only take so much.

So what does the living wage mean to me?

Basically I get my life life back as it will mean I will not have to worry constantly each month if I have enough money to pay the bills even to buy enough good food to eat. It will mean that I will have enough money to buy essential things like new cloths, new glasses even do a basic things like get my teeth fixed!

It will mean I will have a wage which matches my wage before the credit crunch and a real basic standard of life which is my right not privilege the current Establishment and Corporations currently think.

Add to this it will benefit those companies complaining about they have to pay a living wage come April in so much if they actually got their brains in gear they would of figured out that people like myself will actually have money to spend so potentially more customers!

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