Minimum Wage: Employers Who Have to Justify Their Actions!

Posted: 6 September, 2015 in Comment, Life, living wage, United Kingdom

This came from a Manager at work who made the comment that it is up to the employee’s have to justify why they should be paid a living wage when it comes in here in the United Kingdom in 2016.

But this is wrong in a very fundamental way as it is not the employees who have to justify a living wage if anything it is everyone right to be paid a living wage anywhere in the world. It is a fundamental human right which has been abused by Employers in the Western World under some very flimsy reasons.

It is the Employers of the Western World who have to justify why they paid their employees wages which were blatantly were not living wages and expected their governments to make up the short fall in wages. If anything it has shown the large majority of Employers in the Western World have put profits and keeping their share holders in the money at the cost of their Employees especially the large Corporations both in the United Kingdom and United States.

All this with the flimsy excuse that they had to keep wages down so they could weather out the so called credit crunch which they caused themselves in the first places, especially within the Banking and Financial Sectors. This regardless of the fact by doing so they deepened the credit crunch in so much by paying people less there was less free money in the economy so people could not buy as much so meaning their markets shrunk.

This is a basic economic fact which has escaped the large number of Employers which makes me wonder if these people especially in the upper echelons of Corporations really should be in position of power as it seams they have a very poor grasp of economics and the market in general.

I suspect much like the Western Capitalism the upper echelons of the big corporations are tired and needs to be overhauled even replaced by something new and more radical form of Capitalism which puts people and society first not not a elite few as it currently does.

In conclusion the living wage even in the United Kingdom is a right not privative as the Employers would like us to think and if the so called Employers were to actually put their brains into gear would of realised, especially within Retail and Service Industries, that all of the sudden their will be far more free money in the economy as people will one again have spare cash to spend.

But as always the Executives of big Corporations live in Ivory Towers of the system making and a lot of them need to be brought back down to Earth. Though at this rate their fall will far from a graceful one as everyone else’s patience with them is growing thinner by the day!

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