Flights of Fancy Becoming Reality!

Posted: 3 September, 2015 in Comment

I must have been sleep not noticing until I watched a Horizon Documentary on BBC 2 about the current serious Physics theories about our Universe not being a single universe but a series of universes which create a Multiverse.

All very interesting and those who have been following my journals and role-playing background would of noticed I have been toying with a multiverse idea of my own called Bubbles in the Quantum Static that is bubbles containing universes which floating in infinite multidimensional plain.

Just highlights how flights of fancy can reflect reality especially in this case current theories of Physics about the very nature of our reality and Universe. Plus it peeked my interest in Physics and Astrophysics again as after all the whole concept of ourselves living within a Multiverse is very fascinating indeed.

So now I have a little reading to do and hopefully should inspire me to continue to work on my Multiverse Role-Playing background Bubble in the Quantum Static.

One thing that did come out of the Horizon Documentary we should not feel insignificant because we could be now a very small part of an infinite multiverse but should think of ourselves as giants because we can conceptualise the fact we could be part of a multiverse!

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