10 Years of Second Life and Still Going!

Posted: 1 September, 2015 in Comment, Computer, Second Life, Virtual World

My Second Life 10th Year Rezday, a.k.a. Birthday, has gone by this weekend and celebrated by myself with some red wine in Second Life though to those around me it significance personally was lost.

The fact is nothing else on-line has held my attention so long even now I only go in once a week due to real life and the fact I now blog more than I did when I started Second Life. But it still holds the same magic it did when I first entered Second Life though the virtual world’s nature over the 10 years has changed it nature mostly for the better.

The major change I have seen over my 10 years in Second Life it has become more of a Social Network than game as more and more people within Second Life bring in their real life and hide less behind their avatars. This contrary to a small minority of Second Life residents think has added a whole new dimension to Second Life which complements it’s virtual aspect and kept likes of myself interested for so long.

Would I still recommend Second Life?

Yes, I would as it has become a wonderful place for people to meet within a virtual world which is full of imaginative gems of builds, people and events. This something likes of Facebook and Twitter have never been able to give the users hence I have always found them very bland and uninspiring.

So now I start my next 10 years within Second Life with an optimism that Second Life’s magic for me will never fade for me and hopeful others find the same magic within Second Life like myself.

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