Labour Put Votes Before Ideology!

Posted: 15 August, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

I am watching with both great amusement and sadness at the Labour Party leadership battle here in the United Kingdom as it is becoming very clear to me and others that so called New Labour as created by Tony Blair is more interested in getting votes than ideology.

All this has been highlighted by the fact the left-wing candidate, Jeremy Corbyn, is currently winning the leadership battle hands down and it is highly likely he will win which will once and for all time kill off Tony Blair’s New Labour and return Labour Party back to it’s ideological routes. Add to it is not the Labour MPs in Parliament who are voting in the leader but the grass root Labour supports who are showing they want Labour to return back to it’s grass root ideology.

All this is at contract to the Labour Party MP in Parliament who are in total disarray that their grass root party members in a democratic vote have dared to consider to vote in a Left Wing Labour Party Leader sighting the fact that it will mean they will not get voted in with him as leader even implying he is too left wing for the Parliamentary Labour Party!

This makes me wonder who and what do the Labour MPs in Parliament represent as it certainly looks like from their reactions to the possibility of a Left-Wing Leader that they certainly do not represent Labour or it’s Ideology and looks more like they are more interested in themselves and their positions rather than their politics.

It really looks like the large majority of Labour MP in Parliament simply do not believe in their party and it’s true ideals of socialism and representing the government they simply have lied and misrepresented themselves to the party they claim to be members of.

My personal view Labour Party and Country need Jeremy Corbyn as Labour’s new leader so he can steer Labour back to it grass roots as the main socialist and workers political party so it can be a real opposition to the Ultra Conservative factions within the Conservative Party.

All I can say to those Labour MPs in Parliament who are putting votes before party politics should have the common decency to both leave Parliament and Labour Party as they have proved themselves the biggest hypocrites who have lied both to their party and people who voted them in!

As for Tony Blair and his comments it has highlighted that he is biggest hypocrite of them all who sold out his party ideals. Basically Tony Blair sold out his own party and ideology for personal power which in the end really makes him far from a great leader he thinks he is but a power hungry individual who would do anything for power and did!

As I said elsewhere it is time we had real socialist oppression in a world dominated by small group of idiot Conservatives who are destroying our world with their stupidity and greed!

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