It’s Never Been A Better Time For a Bit of Socialism!

Posted: 25 July, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

With the recent comment by Tony Blair, the ex-Labour Party Leader, here in the United Kingdom warning that it would be a mistake for the Labour party to go back to it roots in socialism. It really says all about the state of politics both here in the United Kingdom and United States which is sliding more and more extreme Right Wing with the bigoted view of anything remotely left-wing including what would have been called Centre Politics.

This frankly a very unhealthy situation for a government to be as currently there is no much needed balance in politics between the right and left political views which kept governments fresh dynamic and moving forwards. Currently what we see are conservative governments who believe they have total power which are stagnating and losing connection with the people they actually represent.

Essentially without the checks and balances the left wing here in the United Kingdom our government, establishment and business is destined to make the same mistakes again and again. All made worse by the fact the conservatives askew society towards the rich and privileged of our society at the expense of those who actually create the wealth of our society. In the end they are destroying the balance and basis of our society because it has noticeably stagnating and falling apart.

Basically I disagree with Tony Blair’s comments we need the Labour Party to go back to its old Socialist routes so we have a real opposition to the conservative forces which is destroying our society and its values!

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