Mr Cameron: Not the Master of All He Surveys!

Posted: 19 July, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

There it was our PM, Mr Cameron, and his Conservative party here in United Kingdom thought they were masters of all they surveys and they had a mandate from the people just to have it blown out of the water ironically by the Scottish National Party and not Labour!

In the end Mr Cameron and the Conservatives have finally woken up to the fact they do not control the government or country and never had the true mandate of the people. Though they still have not woken up to this fact and trying to fool the electorate they are still in control of the government when blatantly they simply do not.

It has been obvious to everyone the only reason the Conservatives got the European Referendum and Social Security cuts through Parliament was that like a bunch of cowards Labour supported them else neither would of got through Parliament as even within the Conservative Party itself not all the members supported these policies.

This has been further highlighted by the fact the Conservatives could not get through the amendments of the Fox Hunting act and it is highly likely they are not going to get through the comical English Law act which frankly a joke and unworkable act in the first place.

What has come out of all this is that ironically the Scottish Nationalists have shown they care more for the downtrodden within England than even Labour who always claimed to do so but sold them out for votes. Add to this the Scottish Nationalists have shown the Liberal Democrats up who had the same power over the Conservatives and failed to use it while they had the power and actually change the way the country was run.

In the end it looks like Mr Cameron and his Conservative Party are waking up to the fact they are not master of all they survey and never had the mandate from the electorate in the first place. The majority of us who did not vote the Conservative Party in power should take advantage of this and force them to serve the country as a whole not just the small rich minority!

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