Reverse the Conservatives Attacks on the Unions!

Posted: 12 July, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

What has become very clear to me in recent events at work is that we need to reverse the damage the Conservative Party here in the united Kingdom over past decades on the Worker Unions in the work place as they have effectively now tipped the balance of power at work to the employers. Effectively they have allowed the employers to do what they like including abusing their positions as employers without any come back.

This has resulted in the creation of zero hour contracts and allowed companies to abuse some government benefits, strangely put in place by the Conservatives themselves, including the Working Tax Credits. All made worse that the Conservative Government have literally ignored such abuse if anything encouraged it at the expense of the employees all in the name of business, making money even helping their supporters.

This has created a poisonous work environment here in the United Kingdom which now allows Managers to bully, use scare tactics even fear to control employees with support of the companies themselves even if some of the managers know this is morally and socially wrong. After all these said managers are in exactly the same position as the employees.

In all this the Conservative Party has removed the support network for the employees in the form of the Unions largely by demonising the Unions themselves making out they were responsible for a lot of issues in work in 1990s but hiding the fact that a large majority of Unions provided a support for employees against the abuses of employers.

My personal view it is time proper Worker Unions free from political axe to grind to start to be active again to act as a much needed counter balance to those people within both the Establishment and Business world who are prepared to abuse their employees rights all in the name of making as much money for themselves the minority.

This to some people, especially the Conservatives, will make me sound like a Labour, even Socialist, but in truth I am not but someone who wants to see a fairer world in which all benefit from the rich to the poor. I want to see a world where business and their owners treat their employees with respect, show real morals and socially aware rather than currently putting making money before anything else even people’s lives!

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