Labour Are Selling Out!

Posted: 12 July, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

In a time when the poorly paid and poor need support in Parliament here in the United Kingdom the political party which once looked after the interests of such people, Labour, has sold them out!

Currently in Parliament rather than Labour standing up against the Conservative austerity measures which will make some of the most vulnerable members of our society lives more difficult all in a name of a policy whose validity is starting to become very questionable currently. Labour is backing down even agreeing with Conservatives regardless the fact that it will effect their core voters in negative way who most likely wanted them to improve their lives rather than make them worse.

My personal view the Labour Party is selling out and lost it core values to a point they do not deserve the name Labour any more as they certainly do not represent the working class any more. It is high time the Unions of the United Kingdom withdrew their support of the Labour party or even recreate a new Labour party which embraces the more traditional values the Labour Party used to have.

Even in this modern world Socialism is not a dirty word but like Conservatism it is a very valid political stand point!

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