At What Point Does Retail Wakes Up?

Posted: 12 July, 2015 in buisness, Comment, Life

After years of working in retail watching it change with the changing times as the internet has started to dominate the way people shop to a point it has changed the way people now shop with the stores themselves. That is tending to use the store more as show rooms of the goods they are going to buy which now largely on line.

But has the retail moved in such a way to take advantage or even adapt to this new way of shopping not really. They have put some new ways of doing things in store that is allowing people to buy things online in their stores but they have not fundamentally changed the way they function since the 1970s.

That is they put targets and hard sell before customer service and after care which worked decades ago when people had the money and were less savvy about shopping as they did not need to be as they had more money in their pockets.

Then the credit crunch came and people had less money to spend so they became very careful how they spent their money in so much they wanted more value for their money and not buy things they perceive they did not need. Basically it got harder for retail to sell people things especially when people became very good even demanding bargains.

Add to this the fact people caught on to the fact they did not have to leave home to shop and find everything they wanted to buy on line at good prices on the internet. The upshot of which why do they need to go to a shop where they think they will be met by a salesman who is more interested in selling them some thing they do not need or try hard sell on them as that is how things have always happened in their experience.

So in the end people have started to think why they need to actually go to a retail store any more other than those who still love the personal touch and physically see the things they are going to buy which as a group is shrinking,

But retail is failing to universally to adapt to this change and as their profits fall rather than adapting it has fallen back onto the old ways of doing things decades ago that is putting making money and extracting as much money out of each customer first. This is some cases is at the expense of good customer service or even believing this to be good customer service.

But in the end by doing this retail has planted the seeds of their eventual demise as eventually just why should people even want to come to their stores as after all they way they do things will put off customers rather than attract them.

My personal opinion is this is the wrong way for retail to go as it is making them nothing special any more or if anything it is making their stores very uninspiring even boring places to visit with some of the annoying people working with them.

If anything they should of really gone further back in time in the way they do their business to a time when real customer service was provided by people who put the customer first before profit. On top of this the stores were places which were fun places to visit full of wonders rather than the sterile places they have become.

But as always I know I am right in my opinions but as always I will not be listened to even ridiculed, mocked and even be called a fool by those people who run retail but I am not the fool or one who is burying my head in the sand hoping things will get better if they keep doing the same thing again and again.

I do have an advantage I have lived a long time, observed the world around me and my grandparents ran a garage which put the customer first and gave them real customer serve which made them enough money to always have a comfortable life. The business is still going strong so 20 to 30 years later and survived the credit crunch with little or no effect on the business!

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