Depression: What Was I Doing?

Posted: 9 July, 2015 in Comment, depression, Life

The one thing is worrying me currently even on my anti-depressants is an old issue when I was in my full depression of forgetting things totally just after doing them or forgetting things totally. It is a bit off putting in so much I have to constantly check if I have done something and worse for things which I do everyday such things as clocking in at work.

Though this my bit off putting but at least is not as bad as when I was deep in my depression as I constantly forgot things or wasted a lots of time worry I had forgotten something which most of the time either was not real or totally unimportant in the first place.

It certainly made my life interesting as I was never sure if I had done anything or missed something which always increased my anxiety and made the depression worse. Plus it also made my life more difficult as constantly forgetting things made if difficult to function as human being or even cope with everyday life.

This has got better as I learnt to control my depression to a point that it now only occurs when something occurs too regularly or I get stressed as I have been recently. It may still be a worrying thing at times but at least it is now an annoyance rather than barrier to myself functioning effectively.

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal scrapbook of mine just follow the link to Patterns in the Static!.

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