We Remember But With an Unwelcome Edge!

Posted: 3 July, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

As we here in the United Kingdom remember those people killed by terrorists in Tunisia last week it must of not gone unnoticed by myself and others they cynical use of these people’s death by the Conservative Government and certain media to insight anti-Muslim sentiment here in the United Kingdom.

Once again the Conservative Government is using these killings as an excuse to involve us in a war with the Islamic State in Syria not for a legitimate reason other than for purely political reasons so the Conservatives can claim they are doing their part against the evil of the Islamic State. All this regardless of the fact the Islamic State is more of a threat to the Middle East than the West but as always Oil muddies the situation.

Add to this the blatant use of these killings by right-wing press including The Sun to spread anti-Muslim sentiment once again a cynical use of the killings to increase the newspaper sales and to promote the owners political right wing agendas.

So in the end both the Conservative Government under Mr Cameron and the media, especially The Sun, have shown a cynical disrespect for the memory of the people by their actions. They all should be ashamed of their actions and sending the wrong message to the terrorists who killed the people.

We should remember the people who were killed by the terrorists but we as a people should show a defiance to the terrorists and continue with our lives as normal without a response as if we do something it is exactly what the terrorists want our government to do.

We should all also remember those people who died at the hands of the IRA and the fact we as a people in the United Kingdom showed a defiance to their attacks by continuing to live our lives as normal and not allowing the terrorist to provoke us!

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