The Conservatives Have Excelled Themselves!

Posted: 30 June, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

We all know here in the United Kingdom have always known that all the political parties lie and make promises they have no intentions to keep to get votes during a General Election. It is something we have always accepted as part of the course the political parties do here to a point a large majority of us tend to ignore what they say during their campaigns and vote the political party which suits our personal politics.

But the last General Election the Conservative Party have excelled themselves in so blatantly lying during their election campaign claiming they would look after the poorly paid workers and improve the lot of everyone in society from the poor to the rich. Strangely it worked as enough people believed them to get them into power.

The biggest irony of all the first thing the Conservative Party are doing is cutting the welfare state, Tax Credits and cutting taxes for more wealthy in British Society under the pretence to drive down the national deficit.

Personally I am now laughing at those people who voted in the Conservative Party as now a large majority of them are going to lose money some due to loss of benefits, tax breaks on top of which watch the services they took for granted taken apart including the NHS and Education system.

I bet of all the voters of this country a large majority of the people who voted in the Conservative are starting to regret it as their fear and short sightedness as if they had the power to make things better but did nothing!

What I find most ironic thing of all especially for the Eurosceptics within the Conservative Party is it looks like Mr Cameron has also lied to his party about his views on Europe in so much he is more pro-European than he is making out. This I find so highly amusing as the Conservatives platform included the European Referendum and possible pull out of Europe that is using the fears of the racists of the United Kingdom.

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