Some Englishmen Should Know Better!

Posted: 21 June, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

With the thorny issue of Europe being brought up by the Conservative Government here in the United Kingdom under the pretence that we as a people did not get a real choice of joining the ECC which frankly is bolting the door after the horse has bolted.

This made even more ironic as it was the Conservative Government under Margaret Thatcher who finalised us joining the EEC in the first place with the promise of more jobs and a new better identity in the world.

If any referendum were to have taken place it should of been done then not now as it is too late for us as country to leave the EEC as our economy and culturally our country is now far too entangled with Europe and pulling out will damage us economically.

Add to this regardless of what told it will also damage our independence more than staying in Europe as it will allow the big corporations, especially in the USA, to subvert our government to their own ends and increasing our counties dependence on them until we become yet another Corporate State. At least in Europe we will have a chance to keep our government independent from Corporate influence as Europe is far more active in fighting the detrimental influence of the corporations.

But the Conservatives and Right Wingers here in the United Kingdom are using a myth that we will remain independent if we leave Europe using the natural bigotry of some Englishmen especially towards Europeans to hammer home their message. But as I said above it is a lie we will not get the so called Independence they keep promising us but more likely to lose our identity and good standing in the world lost in the growing World spanning Economy and society. We as a country will finally fade from the world a has been country which was once a great player on the world scene.

At least as part of Europe we can still be a world player once again and grow with Europe. As I said we are more likely to keep our identity and once again become a big player in the world both as a people.

My personal view is the Conservative Government here in United Kingdom are wrong to push for a referendum as now it is far too late and it is going to damage the country to a point it could break up the Union once and for All time. Add to this as our economy is still very fragile and too linked to Europe it is also going to damage our economy again to a point things would get far worse than now if we leave Europe.

One final point I want to make it is going to bring out the real bigots of the United Kingdom who have been looking for excuse to peddle their vile hate and racism at the Europeans at a time we really do not need it here!

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