Today People Started to Say No!

Posted: 20 June, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

Here in the United Kingdom thousands of people marched in a number of cities against the Conservative Governments Austerity Plans which they claim are needed to fix the economic problems of the country regardless of recent comments by certain IMF members which pointed out it could cause more damage than good.

It shows that people here are getting fed up of the lies the Conservative government have weaved that what they are doing is doing the economy good and fixing the deficit but what has become very clear it is at the expense of the less well off people while the rich and establishment get richer.

On top of this the Conservative Government have failed to reform the financial system of the United Kingdom basically leaving the things as they were before the credit crunch even to a point leaving in place those Bankers and their cronies in place who incompetence caused the credit crunch in the first place. All they have done in the end is set thing up for the exactly the same thing to happen in years to come all in the effort to keep those who bankroll their party in place.

So this is my protest at the Conservative Government Austerity policies as they may be working but they are damaging our country on a fundamental level and making those of us who are not well off lives more difficult so a few wealthy and privileged few can prosper.

I am coming to the conclusion it is time to really invest in the country as a whole not just business but in society as a whole to strive to create real jobs, businesses and bring back a real social justice something the Conservatives has stepped on over past few decades.

It is time for us all to strive for the real Big Society of United Kingdom which is tolerant, fair and all inclusive not the Big Society of Mr Cameron which was a cynical ploy to get his party into power.

It is time the majority of use in this country who did not vote the Conservative Party in power make our voices heard and through protest start to force the government in Westminster to put all the people in the United Kingdom first not the privileged few as it is currently is.

It is time those of us who are not happy with the Conservative Government make sure they know it by peaceful protesting, blogging and the such as if enough of us make enough noise they will have no alternative but to listen.

As I have said before people do have the power to change the world and the word is mightier than any sword or gun!

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