Shooting People with Words!

Posted: 13 June, 2015 in Life, Thoughts

I think I have to remind people out in that big world of ours that the words have always and will always be for effective than any weapon including a gun.

Word are far more effective at cutting than any sword will ever do!

Words will kill someone far more effectively than any gun will ever do!

Time and time again our history is littered with people who used words and not weapons to change the world far more effectively. As words spread ideas unlike weapons which kill ideas in the end.

I always feel sorry for those people who hide behind guns to spread their ideas as the gun invalidates their ideas as they need it to use force to make their point. Words do not need a gun to back it up as the idea especially if the idea is a powerful on in the first place.

Personally I have found those who have to backup their ideas with gun, sword and the such are cowards as if their arguments were strong enough for scrutiny by others all they would need are words!

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