Time for a Redefined Union!

Posted: 17 May, 2015 in Comment, Government, Life, United Kingdom

With the Scottish National Party winning nearly all the seats within Scotland and an already unpopular Conservative Government in Westminster has brought forward the idea of more regional government within the United Kingdom even England.

Add to this recently a sizeable majority of people of North of England via a hashtag on Twitter indicated that they rather join Scotland than be ruled by a Conservative Government in Westminster sort of says it all about how people outside of London especially in the Midlands and the North are fed up of the London based government which they perceive fails to put their interests first just that of London and the South first.

Myself it is time for all of us within England itself to demand more regional autonomy and government which can look after the needs of the regions far better than a government in Westminster which currently is too removed from the people it represents mostly due to the way it functions. Add to this it will return the government back to the control of the people rather than an elite few as it currently is.

This is now not a pipe dream any more but a necessary to keep our democracy and our freedoms alive in the modern world as we leave things as they are currently are we will see an erosion of both our democracy and freedoms by elite few who will get more powerful and remote.

Personally it is time those of us in the regions of England, Wales and Scotland started to demand proper autonomy from Westminster and Parliament itself. This meaning proper autonomy for a region of the United Kingdom not just certain Cities as the current Conservative Government in Westminster proposes.

So it is time we all worked for a new more representative and democratic government here in the United Kingdom which representes everyone an in new Union of regional governments rather than currently by unified government which does not even represent the people it claims to do so.

All this is long overdue here in the United Kingdom!

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