Conservatives Are Not We Needed!

Posted: 17 May, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

Conservative Party winning the General Election here in the United Kingdom was the last thing we needed as the party will be disaster for the country as a whole especially the Union itself!

Basically we needed people in power who were forward thinking, progressive and represented all the people in this country not what we got a political party more concerned with business and the rich than the everyday people of this country. All this in the misguided view that the Conservative Party actually believe both businesses and the rich people will actually bring jobs to the country.

How they came to this conclusion still mystifies a large majority of the people here in United Kingdom as the last thing both businesses and the rich do or the United Kingdom is support or invest in the country if anything the first opportunity they leave the country with their money or business where they do not have to play taxes.

Add to this the Conservatives are focusing our relationship with Europe and immigration rather than looking at the bigger issues which effect our society here in the United Kingdom in so much most people here do not think society is fair, open with a government which is failing to represent their interests.

All of this outstrips the issues of Europe and immigration as if the Conservatives fail to do anything about this they will see the break up of the United Kingdom even England itself as the people are fed up of being governed from Westminster by politicians and establishment which fails to represent the people it serves.

So once again we have a government lead by Conservatives who have failed to understand and even represent the people who voted them in and with no plans to fix this issues regardless of the damage it will do to the country and it’s economy.

Much like Nero and Rome the Conservative Party will fiddle while the fires of discontent burn within the United Kingdom which threatens to finally break up the Union once and for all time!

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