Second Life’s 12th and My 10th Year!

Posted: 15 May, 2015 in Comment, Computer, Second Life, Virtual World

Second Life much like myself within are still going on and so far no sign of death in both. For myself it is a miracle that something, even a social network, has held my attention so long and still a vibrant place virtual place to be.

Add to this contrary to the doom sayers and the constant rumours that Linden Labs are going to abandon original Second Life for the new version of Second Life it keeps going in it’s quiet revolution of the nature of social networks something the other major social networks have still failed to grasp even after 12 years!

As a side point those who keep spreading the doom and gloom that Linden Labs will abandon it’s current Second Life Residents when the new version out should stop and think that would be suicide on Linden Labs part as they are not stupid enough to look at a gift horse in the mouth as the current residents will give the new version of Second Life a head start.

This assumes that Linden Labs are even thinking of a second version of Second Life though I suspect they are more likely to continue with the current version and continue to improve it as in the end it will be far more cost effective as a second version would involve reset up of a grid, hardware, porting of software and the such which is still expensive business for little real gain on Linden Labs part. After all currently Second Life are real money spinners for Linden Labs and why change something which has already worked for over a decade.

Beside all this Second Life continues to be a quiet revolution in the future of social networks in so much it points in the direction of how social networks should develop but as always the major social networks like Facebook still only play at with virtual world kits rather than creating the virtual world needed to support it.

But as I keep saying which has been missed by those out there who claim to know the future of social networks is likes of Second Life is the future of social networks as after all people still like to interact face to face even if it is via a virtual world. Plus people do not need fancy kit to access a virtual world just a working viewer something Facebook and others have missed going for gimmicks rather than practicalities.

The most ironic thing is those around me are already using Avatars to talk to each other via the xBox or Playstation but still fail to grasp the fact that what I am doing within Second Life just on a more sophisticatedly way.

So the quiet revolution called Second Life keeps going showing what the real future of social network is which does not need gimmicks yet but it will eventually develop in that direction when the technology finally appears for real. It will keep the likes of myself hooked as it still more real social network than the mainstream social networks who continue to focus on commercialism rather than it’s social nature.

So roll on the quiet revolution called Second Life which is still ahead of it’s time even now!

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