It Only Takes One Voice!

Posted: 13 May, 2015 in Comment, Life, politics

I was talking to someone in Second Life about the way people could change the world or have the power to change the world and what came out of the conversion was they thought that no one person could could change the world!

The upshot of which they were convinced there was nothing anyone could do to change the world and we should accept the world the way it is. On top of which no one individual could start a change the way things regardless the known fact that certain individuals within certain aspects of the world have changed the whole course of history which include likes of Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi and even Professor Hawkins.

All this made even more sadder that the person in question was a Parisian in so much they live in a city and country in which the people themselves have changed the whole direction of their country by exerting so called people power to remove an oppressive establishment and replace it with an establishment which is far more responsive to the people.

Add to this our recent world history which is littered with the results of people power though some of which I will admit have not always resulted in desirable results for the everyone. But have all shown that people really have the power to stand up against governments and corporations and change things. The most memorable for us in Europe being the ending of the Walsall Pact in Eastern Europe which was lead by the people themselves and not done with military force or back room deals by shady politicians and the such.

But the one thing all these things have in common they had to start somewhere with someone having the idea in the first place or actually saying to someone else things do not have to be this way do they?

All these events should remind us that it only takes one voice to say something to change the world and this voice to be listened to by another person and so on.

Plus I think people need reminding that the only reason things are the way they are in the Western World with Governments and Corporations is because we the people allow them to be that way and do not question things.

We all need to be reminded that without us both Governments, Establishments and Corporations are nothing without us as they need us more than we need them in the end as after all they are all constructs of our society and not of the natural world!

In conclusion we all have the power to change the world or at least our own world around us and we have always had the power and choice to do so. Do not listen to those who say we don’t have such power as they have not woken up to what we all are.

It only takes one voice and one person to listen to change the world!

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