Conservatives Ineffective Government!

Posted: 12 May, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

After a General Election surprise we have ended up with what called an ineffective government lead by the Conservatives with a minute majority even less than Mr Major’s Conservative Government which failed in a spectacular way decades ago.

Strangely the Conservative Government have been remarkably quiet for a political party which won a General Election here though they are giving the usual rhetoric that they have a lot of plans some of which are very detrimental to the electorate. They even claim they are the party of the working people which is comical to say the least as under the previous Coalition government it was the working people and people for no fault of their own who suffered why those who has money got to keep more of their wealth.

What is the real joke of this whole Conservative Government is less than 50% of the Electorate actually voted in the government in so it does not have the mandate of the people. This once again highlights the major flaw of the First Across the Post Voting system as once again the United Kingdom has ended up with a Government which does not represent the real views of the electorate and already remote from the people it’s supposed to represent.

My personal view is that Mr Cameron and the Conservative Government is doomed to fail as both the internal struggle between the Pro and Anti European factions plus it own extreme right wing and small majority is going make the government infective. Mr Cameron is looking at the same issues of Mr Major, who had a larger majority, as in the end he will find nothing will get through and the grandiose plans he has for the United Kingdom will become dust very quickly. Plus he will be head of a party which falls apart because of it’s own corruption and internal divisions.

Add to this mix of problems Mr Cameron also has one real major problem which outstrips the European and Immigration issues here in the United Kingdom and if it is not tackled sooner than later will mean the break up of the United Kingdom. Scotland may of not voted for independence but it has voted in the Scottish Nationalist Party for it’s MPs bar two seats into Parliament in Westminster so Scotland has sent the message it still wants more Autonomy within the United Kingdom.

I suspect this will have a knock on effect all over the United Kingdom especially in the regions who majority of the electorate did not vote the Conservative MPs which represent them in Westminster in so much they will start to question if Parliament in Westminster really represents their interests both locally and globally and start to want a government which represents them on a more regional basis. I would not be surprised if there is yet another vote for independence for Scotland this Parliament and this time it could be successful as one thing Scottish hate is a Conservative Government in Westminster.

In conclusion we have ended up here in the United Kingdom with ineffective Conservative Government in Westminster which due to our electoral system does not represent the real views of the electorate who voted them in. If that is not enough for people here to really start to think about they way they vote their governments and how they are governed here in the United Kingdom, what is?
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