A General Election: Not Much of a Surprise!

Posted: 8 May, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

I have woken up to not much of a surprise with the General Election result here in the United Kingdom considering the very negative, anti-European and anti-immigrant campaigning during the General Election campaign with Conservative dominated government.

Though they only hold power by a very small majority so it looks like they are going to have a very hard time to put through a lot of their policies through especially with the fact that that both Conservatives and Labour parties were routed in Scotland by the SNP. Basically in the end we have ended up with yet another ineffective and weak government lead by the Conservative Party which frankly has never been up to the job regardless of the result of the General Election.

Much as most people thought when it came down to people voting in a General Election they always avoid the more extreme parties so the likes of UKIP may of got more votes but they only got one seat in Parliament which frankly was not a surprise as much as BNP, UKIP is going to be one election wonder which will go into obscurity of the world of minor Political Parties.

I am not sorry for Liberal Democrats who got what they deserved after all they had a chance to tone down the Conservative Party in the last government and failed totally. Add to this they could of changed the whole direction of this country but were happy just to ride the coat tails of the Conservative Party.

In the end the General Election result here in the United Kingdom was not a real surprise as those people who promote a negative and nationalist view of the United Kingdom won in the end by allowing the Conservative Government continue the destruction of our great country.

Though I think that the Conservatives are in for a very rough ride especially in Scotland and outside of London as I do not think the silent majority like myself will start to voice our dissatisfaction about the way we are governed as the Conservative party will just keep highlighting just how far our government in Westminster has lost contact with the people it governs.

If anything the fact that we could have another Conservative government here in the United Kingdom may be enough to galvanise those who want real change here in the United Kingdom to actually change things to get up and finally do something.

After all the Conservatives once again did not get get an overwhelming mandate to govern the country if anything less than half the voters voted for them so one again they do not represent the political views of the people of United Kingdom which once again highlights we need to change the way we vote our MPs in!

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