Journal of a Lost Soul Part CDL

Posted: 4 May, 2015 in Journal, Life

I am a having a rare restful Bank Holiday weekend all helped by the fact I am starting two weeks holiday from work which is much needed. It is only been two days into the holiday and I am already starting to forget about the stresses and hassle I get from work. Strangely my mood has been far better this weekend along wit a reduction of the general ache and pains I usually get.

All this points towards a fact that where I work is not doing me any good if anything it is making me feel both mentally and physically ill even if the effect are mild. I should really take it as a subtle hint that I should change my job sooner than later as work itself should not have such effect on anyone.

Plus a change may inspire me outside of work to start to rebuild a social life rather than currently constantly feeling sleepy, antisocial and lost as I do now. But as always it is a fight with myself to get the inclination to do something as if I am in a viscous circle of apathy.

Outside of this general feeling lost I have had a productive week finally finding an operating system for my main computer which I could use all because the previous Linux I was using, Crunchbang, has stopped being supported. The strangest thing of all is not that I chose in the end one of the standard Linux distributions with a light desktop, namely Debian 8 with a LXDE desktop. But in the end it has turned out to be a stable Linux which run fast on the older hardware I have here.

One thing that did come out of my search for a Linux distribution was once again the Ubuntu distributions were very disappointing they may have been stable but in the end has too many glitches in the background which made it very disappointing. Though once again the Debian distributions turned out to be the more stable, universal and usable Linux distributions and I should of not been surprised as I have always had a bad experience with Ubuntu distributions so far.

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