Depression: Stepping Back!

Posted: 4 May, 2015 in Comment, depression, Life

Just sometimes it is good to step back from life and allow ourself time to take stock of your life as a whole and finally decide what is really important and what is trivial. All in this should be done especially if you are suffering depression as the trivial matters can cloud what is really important in your life and stop you moving on.

But as always depression makes suffers focus on matters which frankly really do not matter or should not effect or really cannot effect the course of life in my case allowing an insufficient man who really has no power of which direction my life goes or over where my life goes. If anything in comparison to other people around me is a very insufficient person who has far more problems with their life and career than I ever had and will ever get.

But depression as always makes trivial things into mountains and when it does it is time to step back and take stock of where I am in my life and in this case in the end I am good at my job, I have good home, a good partner and 3 lovely dog, one of which may drives me bad. Add to this I may be mature but with all my skills and experience I have so much to offer new employers so I should not have any issues changing jobs.

In the end if I step back from my life and stop listening to my depression my life is really not that bad but now it is a fight my depression so I can move on as the world is my oyster!

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