There’s a General Election On?

Posted: 25 April, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

At the moment you not know there is a General Election here in the United Kingdom on the 5th May as none in general are really paying any real attention to the General Election Campaigns of any political party here!

It has been most low key, lack lustre and poorly publicised General Election which has occurred in my life time and the only reason any one has any idea there is an election going on is that the polling cards have come through the post.

It struck me that all the major parties have simply given up and accepted that few people are going to vote and the country is heading for yet another coalition government rather than do what they should of done which was to seize the day and fight for power.

What we have got from all the major Political Parties here in the United Kingdom is the same old policies wrapped up in less than inspiring wrappings and frankly none of them deserve to get into government as none have proved to myself and I suspect others that they actually deserve a chance in government.

Even the inter party bitching and accusations which usually accompany a General Election here has been very tame compared to previous years.

So in the my end my advice is to vote for any political party outside of the major Political Parties and UKIP, that is vote for the only Political Parties who have bothered to have new and different policies. Myself it looks like I will be voting for the Green Party not because I agree with all their policies, I don’t, but because in my opinion as a Political Party they are a viable alternative to the mainstream Political Parties.

My final bit of advice I would avoid voting for the right-wing, anti-European and anti-Muslim parties, which include UKIP and BNP, as much like the major Political Parties their message is as sad and old as the major political parties and full of hate something we do not need at Westminster currently!

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