Depression: Ignorance is not Excuse!

Posted: 25 April, 2015 in Comment, depression, Life

Once again someone remark at work made by work colleague about depression which showed once again the ignorance of those people who have never suffered or really talked to someone who has suffered with depression.

The remarks went along the lines that you can cure depression and people use it as excuse not to do things or not work. This may be true in some cases as some people only suffer mind forms of depression caused by difficult situations and naturally stressful situations which include child birth in women.

He based his argument that depression was curable because his mother managed to get over a depression some years before and highly likely he had heard stories or experienced first hand those people who use their depression as an excuse not to work or even do anything.

I am not saying such things happen but they are not the normal state of affairs with those of us who suffer depression as some of the people with more extreme depression will never be cured and will have to learn to live with it for the rest of their lives. Plus we also understand depression as a mental illness can be very individual to the person in question. Then add to the fact once the depression is under control the depressive can function as a normal person even be very productive at work.

But in the end his remarks were a very good indicator of the ignorance, bigotry and fear people still have about mental illness especially depression. Something which those of us who had suffered the more serious forms of depression should endeavourer to correct when we encounter such things. Though sadly in this case the person in question is one of those people who believe themselves right regardless if it is wrong, that is they are not worth the effort to correct and best ignored.

In the end ignorance is not excuse to make such remarks and shows a real lack of basic humanity and empathy for the people around them. As I have said before it is all part of our modern world when people are quick to condemn but slow to understand or to lazy to ask questions!

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  1. I’m amazed at the number of people who don’t seem to understand that depression can start for a variety of reasons and look different in each person. Thanks for your post.

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