Depression: The Prison Warder!

Posted: 16 April, 2015 in Comment, depression, Life

Sometimes my depression feels like a Prison Warder who locks me away inside my mind most of the time currently at the moment.

Though currently what does not help is I am surrounded by people who do not understand my depression fully and who really give so little to those around themselves in so much they are so self-centred and focused to a point they put themselves first.

But this is what modern man has become far to focused on themselves, even when they are not suffering depression, they are now very poor at functioning or even creating communities which are real basis of any human society and grouping.

This has a very detrimental effect on those of us who suffer depression as we have to already fight a self imposed isolation without fighting a society which now encourages isolation of people by preaching the virtual of individualism at the expense of community.

Here I like to point out I am not against individualism but what I do disagree with when it is at the expense of humanities natural state of living in groups and communities.

Contrary to popular belief the one thing most people with depression want is to live in isolation but live as part of a group or community, that is live in the normal state of human beings. Much like other human beings depressives need people around them to function even be creative and give some meaning to their lives.

Sadly the way our modern world this need is being met less and less by the Human Society around us which is making difficult for people who suffer depression. As after all once we actually do something about our depressions to find it really not worth it as we open up to a society which encourages isolation and discourages formation of communities.

In the end you really wonder was it worth while to actually do something about your depression because the modern society is suffering from a depression of it own which quickly drags you down again!

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