The General Election: What Do You Think of the Show So Far?

Posted: 13 April, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

It is getting near to the end of the campaigns for all the major Political Parties as the General Election is close at hand and once again their campaigns have been lack lustre and underwhelming.

Much like the previous General Elections here the campaigns have been along the same lines with the Conservatives on a platform of tax and budget cuts while Labour are once again on a platform of spending money on health and education. Then this tempered by usual accusations and counter accusations between Conservative and Labour Parties claiming the other will destroy the economy by their mismanagement.

Once again in the middle once again are the Liberal Democrats taking the middle ground blaming both of other parties for current problems here in the United Kingdom and their policies are really different to the other parties.

Only real difference in this General Election being that the BNP has been replaced by an equally ineffective party lead by yet another ineffective leader called UKINP who like BNP have no real policies other than anti immigrant and anti European stand point.

Basically the current General Election campaign by all the major political parties are exactly the same as before and the time before that. Nothing has changed and none of the parties have brought nothing to the table or anything which will address the real problems of the people of this country which include people getting a living range, decent education system, National Health Service which works and a society which is inclusive of everyone.

Then the major political parties wonder why none currently have the upper hand in the polls because they have no ideas and if anything their policies show they all have gone past their sell by dates. If anything all the major Political Parties have all lost contact with the electorate and the real world in general.

So in the end we are currently facing yet another ineffective coalition government at a time when we need a strong government which can actually take the country forward into the modern world and make us a real global player once more!

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