Journal of a Lost Soul Part CDXLIV

Posted: 11 April, 2015 in Journal, Life

Coming again to a long run of shifts which once again talking some toll on my body and mind as per usual but as always I will survive it though a little more jaded with life. Though a nice stable home life certainly gives me a rock to fight whatever life throws at me which is luckier than most people have nowadays even in the rich West.

But as always I have to work with people who are currently showing no respect to people and work environment abound them even after they have been told to act otherwise. All made worse by one work colleague who is totally disrespectful to customers and see them as cash cows rather than real people to sell too. I find their behaviour as totally immortal and unacceptable in a retail environment on so many levels. My personal view currently they should not of ever got the job in the first place as it shows they are totally unsuitable for a job in a retail come customer service environment all made worse they also have a managerial position too!

But as always it seams such people talk their way into jobs which they really are not suited for because they manage to pull the wool over the eyes of those who should of known better, sadly something which occurs far too often in modern businesses.

At least I am having a better time at work as I am going between two stores and both impressing my current manager and other store managers with my adaptability and versatility especially on the customer service desk. Add to this I am amazed that I am finding easy to work between two stores which sell slightly different products some of which I have no experience in selling.

As ever I have to blow my own trumpet it it seams I am doing my career and self confidence a world of good at the moment!

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