Social Media: Time Gentlemen Please!

Posted: 30 March, 2015 in Computer, social networks, World Wide Web

With the news that Stephen Fry has been hounded off Instagram got me thinking about the main stream social media web sites like Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter that there time has come, hence Time Please Gentlemen.

One comment Stephen Fry did say about Twitter, which can be said about all social media, is the fact that there was too much “too much aggression and unkindness” there. This sadly is very true and it is a sad reflection of what the Western World and those who use Social Media have become is very detached to the world and people around them.

It has been one reason why now I have no Facebook or any other mainstream social media accounts other than an impersonal Twitter account which purely exists to promote my blogging rather than be a personal Twitter account. All so I can keep these mainstream social media web sites at arm length with no personal data there.

I know that once the mainstream social media have in the past have had a very useful function in keeping people in contact but over their life times they have stopped being places to socialise but places where people now aggressively promote their political views, opinions and the such regardless of the effect it has on other people.

The upshot of which the mainstream social media have stopped places to socialise but places for people to spread hate, ignorance and hound those people who do not fit the more so called profile of a normal person that is heterosexual, white, Christian and Conservative. So in the end for anyone who does not fit this profile these social media websites stop becoming nice places to be to a point they have a very negative effect on the people in question.

From my own experience of Facebook which was not a very pleasant one because of bigoted, ignorant and openly abusive people I had to leave Facebook as it was starting to make me ill as it aggravated my depression. I suspect I am not only one who had has the same experience of Facebook and left for the same reasons.

In the end my personal view the time for the likes of Facebook, Instagram even Twitter has come unless they do something about their negative side but sadly they seam unwilling to do anything about under the guise it would compromise people’s freedom of speech.

But in the end these social media keep allowing people to bully, abuse and spread hate about others is undermining their very purpose of being social media networks as after all people are not going to stay there and find somewhere else to go online which gives them a better and safer experience online.

Those of us who have taken notice about the world around us would of noticed that Facebook now has to advertise on television here in the United Kingdom to attract people to join their social media network something such social networks never had to do before!

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