We Now Need Forgiveness to be Human!

Posted: 29 March, 2015 in Comment, Life

A comment on another social web site I am on about that some of victims relatives and friends forgave the Co-Pilot for crashing the Airliner in the Alps last week got me really thinking about the way our world has gone.

I thought just why did the guy in question need forgiveness for his actions as after all it was the fact he was ill with depression at the time which always clouds the judgement of the suffer. What he is may have been wrong in so much he involved other people in his suicide but the reasons behind it as someone who suffers depression can understand why he did what he did.

But the point made by the person on the social web side was simply that in our modern world it seams we have to forgive people because they are not perfect which anyone with basic understanding of human beings is such pointless thing to do.

After all our very nature and what makes us human beings in the first place is our imperfections in the first place so why do we need to be forgiven for something which makes us or us. So forgiving the Co-Pilot for his actions seams a bit pointless and denies our true nature.

But as always such sentiments once again indicates just how the modern world has started to disconnect people from what they truly are replacing it with unrealistic view of ourselves which is impossible to live up to as it is too perfect and unrealistic.

Much as always it shows just how mad our modern world has become!

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