Shallower and Shallower!

Posted: 27 March, 2015 in Comment, Life, Society

After the last week what has become very apparent to me is just how false and shallow our Western World has become more interested in money, status and power and less interested in the actual people which make up society itself.

Strangely the people around me accept this as normal even buy into it totally regardless of the negative effect it has on themselves and the world around them. Though I am not surprised as those who benefit from this false and shallow world use the media extensively to push forward this world as a utopia for all.

In the end if we continue in this path it will mean eventual destruction of Western Society from the inside as it will collapse from the inside. We are already seeing the first signs of this collapse in so much Western Society has stopped moving forward socially, scientifically and technologically!

My personal view is that the Western World does not have to be like this as regardless to those people who promote this false and shallow world would like people to believe as people still have the ability to say no and think for themselves even on an individual level.

I know that thinking for yourself and saying no is hard work or some people but in the end it is very rewarding as it usually leads to a far more fulfilling life in the end even in a world which tries to stop you following such a path.

In conclusion regardless of those people who promote the modern false and shallow world we all have the power to change our lives in a direction we want it to go even with the constraints of the modern Western World. Plus if enough people do the same we can change the world even for the better!

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