Journal of a Lost Soul Part CDXLI

Posted: 27 March, 2015 in Journal, Life

I have just had a wonderful two days suffering a wonderful cold which has meant I have been sneezing and coping with a very runny nose. It has meant the last few days have been a little of a trial in so much feeling ill and achy while at work makes things very difficult to do. But as always I soldiered threw though I did not do as much as I would of liked to get done at work.

One good thing which has come from the discussion with store manager about another manager is that I am less worried about the other manager in question. Basically they can carry on their bad attitude and management hurting others but now it will stop hurting me as clearing the air has made me feel far more stronger and able to cope with their actions. I should of really said something earlier regardless it may of damaged a career which frankly is only means to earn money and not my life.

The fact my current job is only an end to means to make a living makes things so much easier and less stressful in my life plus means I really do not care if I have to move on with the better job. Tough what it does not mean I will do the minimum at the job as I am professional enough to always put 100% into my job.

Outside of work life is starting to settle down again even moving forward as my partner medical problems are finally being addressed by the doctors something long over due. Add to this I am starting to write and think again though slowly currently.

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