UKIP: The Comedy of Errors!

Posted: 22 March, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

As the General Election starts to warm up here in the United Kingdom it is becoming very apparent that Nigel Farage and his UKIP party are as a political entity a total joke which has been fooling the less bright of the United Kingdom that they are actually a political party which could change the United Kingdom.

It is become very apparent to those of us here in the United Kingdom who have a little more intelligence and little switched on to the world around us that Nigal Farage and UKIP as political party has no real policies or cohesion, if anything it is a group of people who just blame immigrants and Europe for their failings rather than take responsibility for their own mistakes.

Add to this the cracks which are appearing in UKIP itself with its candidates being regularly suspended by the party itself for inappopiate remarks and behaviour usually of a racial nature. This I find very strange considering the anti immigrant stand of the party which frankly is racist in itself regardless of the protests it is not.

All this made worse by one of their MEPs being caught for fiddling expenses in the European Parliament which once again strange that all UKIP MEPs including Nigel Farage have always fiddled money out of the European Parliament. It is the only thing they seam to be good at there as they certainly do not represent their constituents there.

Though this sort of one dimensional political party which bases itself around policies of hate of foreigners tend to lack real political policies and beliefs outside of their core policies. In the case of UKIP their situation is even worse as their leader Nigel Farage is not exactly the most charismatic or intelligent person in the world and if anything, luckily, he is the biggest liability to UKIP.

What is still worrying is that the media, including the BBC, are still taking Nigel Farage and UKIP seriously regardless of the fact every time they open their mouths they put their foot in it and show their real lack of experience in politics and government.

But I suspect it is more because they have rattled the main Political Parties who seam to have no answer to his very existence and they seam incapable themselves to form new and viable policies themselves especially the Conservatives and Labour!

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  1. Great post but I have to say as much as I hate Nigel and his merry men all of this negative press has nowhere near the effect on their party than it would on the Liberals, Labour or Conservative.

  2. Perhaps this says more about the apathetic feel towards the major parties and the political system which the public don’t associate UKIP with.

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