Journal of a Lost Soul Part CDXXXVIII

Posted: 20 March, 2015 in Journal, Life

Once again life seams to have stopped throwing me curved balls regardless of the fact that we still have problems at home as per usual and at work due mainly to the fact I am in a more optimistic and settled mood over the last few days because Karma has finally balanced things at work.

Some people have just found out the hard way that if you do bad things to people, your job and trying to blame everyone else for their failings or mistakes Karma always comes back to balance the books. All I will say that some people at work have been side lined and lost a number of privileges because they abused them big time and got caught.

As always if I wait long enough those who have made my life difficult always end up falling over usually due to their own actions so what is currently happing at work is very satisfying but sadly a long overdue.

Otherwise I am half way through an eight day run of shifts which strangely does not cause me much mental anguish as it usually does because of my up beat mood but it is giving my legs some major problems with ache and pains which could cause issues on the last few days, something I am not looking forward too. Though it does not help I am merchandising a lot of work which involves a lot of physical activity.

There is now a possibility that I start to write and create again soon certainly myself writing this journal entry sort of indicates that I am returning back to a creative mood again.

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