No Such Thing as a Wasted Vote!

Posted: 19 March, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

As the General Election here in the United Kingdom I have got thinking again about people voting or not voting in the coming Election. In so much people’s attitude to voting in general from those who scare people not voting main Political Parties to those who do not vote because they see no point in it.

What has become very apparent and contrary to some current views there is no such thing as a wasted vote even if someone decides not to vote because of personal views of the political system. Though only thing which comes close to a wasted vote are those who are too lazy to vote because they simply to not think about politics.

I used to believe that someone who did not vote wasted their vote until Russell Brand started to speak out against the British political system and the fact that it now far too remote from the people it rules. During which he pointed out he did not vote because he did not believe in the system so why should be vote for something he did not believe. So this changed my view about people who do not vote as it is also valid form of protest against the system as a whole.

Then there are those people who always say that a vote which is not for a major Political Party is a wasted vote which frankly a lie and scare tactics propagated by these people because they believed what the major Political Parties propaganda. It is a lie full stop as vote for any political party even if it is not a wasted vote as if enough people stopped listening to this lie things would really change.

Personally I find this scare tactics by the major Political Parties and their supporters as deplorable and even criminal made worse by a large majority of the Electorate who are stupid enough to believe this lie.

So in the end there is no wasted vote and everyone should decide for themselves if they vote or not vote and for who they feel gives them best for their lives. Plus ignore those who say anything else as they are always bending the truth for their own means!

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