Taking No Responsibility Society of Ours!

Posted: 22 February, 2015 in Comment, Life, Society

The one thing that I have observed in our society just that very few individuals and groups, including Governments and Corporations, are prepared to take any responsibility for their actions or things they have created. If anything they try their hardest not to take responsibility to a point they will blame everyone but themselves. What makes it worse people are angry about it but they simply do nothing or accept it as the normal behaviour as most of these people show the same behaviour themselves.

This behaviour has become worse since the 1990s to a point it is ingrained into the whole fabric of our society especially here in the West and it is crippling and destroying society from the inside. Because this lack of taking responsibility for our actions both as individuals and as society as a whole means we are not facing the major issues which blight our society and lives. Such issues being racism, hate and the general apathy which are currently holding our society back from progressing forward again.

But as always what I have just said will fall on deaf ears as large majority of the people who read these words I write will not want to take responsibility because it sounds like too much hard work to do so.

So the world will continue on its present path with Governments and Corporations dodging their responsibilities causing unnecessary suffering to people who simply want to improve and live their lives. People will still not take responsibility for the issues in their society will continue blame everyone else, for example immigrants, for these issues rather than themselves who are the real cause of these issues.

So nothing will change and society will eventually destroy itself from its core simply because everyone will simply not take responsibility. I know taking responsibility is hard but it has to be done even on individual level for us all to move forward!

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