Journal of a Lost Soul Part CDXXXII

Posted: 16 February, 2015 in Journal, Life

I have had a quiet week inside my head as all I wanted to do is sleep and play silly games on the computer so I have not really achieved anything this week which has been a little frustrating but not surprising as life has been a mixed bag with both bad and good things happening in my life.

The major good thing being I can earn bonuses at work and not lose any Tax Credits which means that my partner can still get a small part of my Tax Credits so she can at least buy things for herself. Though still not enough to have a totally independent financially.

The major issues this week has being work again with myself finally getting annoyed with certain people at work constantly talking down to me and treating me as if I am stupid. All very ironic in so much I am both better qualified and more experienced than the people talking down to me. I suspect it will come to a head soon as I expect to be treated as at least an equal not as something found on the bottom of peoples shoes.

Plus the way the certain people are acting is disrespectful and totally unprofessional especially in a work environment and usually leads to resentment and open conflict both of which poisoning the work environment for everyone. But sadly the people in question really do not understand what they are doing is wrong as they seem incapable of interacting with people in a social or work environment.

It may be I am currently thinking too deeply about the situation but I have to do something about it and other things at work as they are starting to effect my depression badly which is starting to make me ill again both physically and mentally. Plus my aim in life is to get to a point when the depression is controlled and I have the strength to change my life for the better and in a new direction.

Though currently I have no idea what direction I want to go.

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