Journal of a Lost Soul Part CDXXX

Posted: 28 January, 2015 in Journal, Life

I have started this week feeling very quiet inside for no real reason other than I suspect my depression is playing up plus at last I am finally relaxing from work just a week too late. Though not all bad in the end as a number of things have been sorted out this week so when I go back to work next week life will settle back to it’s normal self.

I am not dreading going back to work though I am also not missing work either as once again it place in my life is a way to earn a living which takes lot of my time in the week. Though I am getting annoyed at work with way a number of people treat each other some of which is boarding on bullying over such trivial matters when put against the greater scheme of things. I am at a point of saying something as it has hit a raw nerve as I dislike bullies especially those who abuse their positions and no better than the people they are bullying if anything worse!

But as always I always end up worrying about other people before myself which is a habit gained from my depression which can cause me real problems at times. I always feel other people’s pain before mine but I am still learning to put myself first. In the end it is a mixed blessing very coloured by my depression.

Even with all these issues at the start of this year there is a different attitude at home in so much such problems now are not a crisis but another problem which needs to be faced and solved or lived with until it can be sorted out. This change of attitude has relaxed the atmosphere at home for everyone even the dogs who have relaxed.

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