Facebook: A Reflection of Western Society!

Posted: 21 January, 2015 in Computer, Facebook, World Wide Web

A friend on a small social network reminded by why I left Facebook over a year ago with his comments about his experience on returning back to Facebook after 4 months. In so much it was still a social network which is racked with hate and conflict between various groups who rather than argue in a civilised fashion but at a level of verbal abuse and bullying.

I am not surprised that nature of Facebook has not changed since I left and if anything with recent events especially in Paris and the Middle East I suspect it’s very nature will of got worse with more people spreading more hate and extremist views all under the pretence of being social network.

All made worse by the owners of Facebook who seam incapable to properly moderate their own social network especially they cannot use the excuse they do not have the tools as they certainly do as they can already locate and remove undesirables from their massive social network. Plus if they do not have such tools you have to wonder their competence to even run a social network unmoderated!

But if seams that owners of Facebook are unwilling to moderate heir social network and allow people to spread hate and extremist views all under the pretence of the freedom of speech.

This regardless of the fact a large number of views people post on Facebook potentially very damaging to fabric of society in general in so much they enforces intolerances in society under this right of freedom of speech. Such intolerances including religious, racial even sexual orientation to name a few.

If such remarks were made outside of Facebook in public or media here in United Kingdom especially those which involve religion and race it is highly likely they will fall foul of the law as it stands. So why do the people and Facebook itself think it is acceptable to say such things on a public social network on line?

But as always it is both lack of understanding of the large majority of the Facebook users and their governments who fail to grasp the simple fact anything they say on Facebook is in the public domain and no different to saying on the street where such remarks are not accepted by society in general.

On top of which Facebook also reflects the way Western society deals with important matters of race, religion and sexual orientation rather than in a civilised and measured way but in a confrontational manor tempered by a political correctness which both stop anything actually being solves if anything encourages more hate and bullying from both sides.

My personal view if it hight time for the owners of Facebook to stop hiding behind the pretence of freedom of speech and actually take responsibility for their social network and educate it’s members it is not acceptable for a member of a civilised society to spread hate and bully people.

Personally I ask people like myself who are fed up of what Facebook has become to leave it and go back to the old fashioned way of making friends by actually going out meeting people or even exploring the wonders of the internet more as there are some gems of people and sites out there both real and virtual!

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