A Question Over Mr Cameron’s Competence!

Posted: 19 January, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

I am starting to question the competence of both Mr Cameron, the Prime Minister, and the Conservatives competence in Parliament as once again they have show just how out of touch they are with the Electorate and world around them.

This has come to a head with a letter sent to a 1000 the Muslim Mosques here in the United Kingdom after the Paris attack urging them to watch for radicals in their Mosques even implying some Mosques could be centres of such radicalism here in the United Kingdom.

Personally it is a ill thought out letter not needed at a time when Muslim’s position within United Kingdom is a bit delicate plus it implies that the Muslims have not control over their own society here in the United Kingdom.

Add to this bar a few extremists the large majority of the British Muslims have shown no inclination to be any more radical than any other Muslims in Europe, if anything British Muslims have interrogated will into British Society without much compromise to their traditions or ours here.

It was not a letter which needed to be written as Muslims here in Britain already are part of our society and have been for decades. All that our PM Mr Cameron has done by writing the letter has given the more radical right wing parts of other parts of British Society yet another excuse to discriminate against innocent Muslims here in the United Kingdom.

My personal option what Mr Cameron and his Ministers have done by sending this letter is wrong to a point they have shown a real incompetence and disconnection from the general populous they have become.

We as a people should make sure we are not happy with Mr Cameron’s actions by sending the letter to the British Muslims as it shows a very un-British attitude from someone who claims to uphold the values of Britain which includes tolerance and understanding!

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