We Should Question Big Business Morals!

Posted: 18 January, 2015 in buisness, Comment, Life

There has been a second story on the BBC News about a big company whose payment terms are unacceptable to smaller companies in so much they are asking for money for a supplier to supply them or the supplier will lose the contract if they do not pay the money or accept the unreasonable payment terms.

Basically the big company is taking an unfair advantage of their position to a point they are damaging their suppliers some of which are now refusing to deal with the company in question any more simply because the big company will not pay it’s bills in reasonable time.

Am I not only one who thinks that the action by the company in question and other companies is immoral and an abuse of a powerful position all in the name of profit and pure greed. If these companies and it’s owners believe this practice is acceptable I for one question their right to do business and morals.

As the BBC story point out customers have a way to complain if the same companies act the same way but the suppliers have no way to complain when the company does the same to them frankly is unacceptable position and from the story something which need to be fixed.

But what this story highlights along with other stories and personal observation of the way business works in the West in so much that our Capitalism is basally flawed by base immorality and greed which means they will do anything to make money regardless of the damage they cause to anyone else.

It is high time people wake up to what is really going on and start to question the actions of the big companies and force the government here in United Kingdom to finally start to clean up our Capitalism here because it is certainly doing more damage to our economy and market than good.

If anyone has not noticed just how closed the market in the United Kingdom has become in the past few decades in so we here do not get any new products but just variations of the same old products.

It’s time customers simply wake up to this fact and stop accepting this situation here in the United Kingdom!

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