Where’s All the Technology Gone?

Posted: 14 January, 2015 in Comment, Life, technology

It is start of 2015 where all the technological companies are showing their new products for the next year which they hope will bring the customers in to buy their products. On top of which they hope to get the next big thing in technology which this year they are telling us that it is wearable computers and the such in the hope people follow their suggestions.

But I must be not only one out there who is growing weary with the so called new products produced by the big technological companies which are much the same as before even warbles and so called internet of things is really nothing new technology but just another way to use existing technology.

It has really struck me our so called cutting edge technology companies much like governments and society as a whole have run out of ideas or the willingness to move forward as it could be a too risky. This regardless of the one basic truth of life and universe as a whole to survive and grow you need to always go forward and build on what you already got or simply die.

On top of which what really has struck me over the past decade just how gimmicky rather than useful new technology has been in so much our big technology companies are happier to produce things which frankly on the whole are really beneficial to people real lives that is very few so called new products actually improve people’s quality of life.

If anything a growing number of new products created by the big technological companies really not needed by people in so much people could live without them or their lives have been damaged by the new products.

This whole trend of the modern world disturbs me as it does not look good for our future as a technological society as a whole as we are not producing much needed technology needed to face the new challenges of the changing environment around us which include global climate change, food production even the eventual depletion of fossil fuels which we currently depend on too much.

But we as society tend to focus on more trivial and short term technologies which produce quick returns and fill the more trivial needs of society at a whole rather than the long term needs of society. Currently our society as a whole is focused on short term rather than much needed long term.

In the end from my preceptive most of the new products/technologies produced by the large technological companies is next to pointless in so much people really could live without or even really need. It as if the big technological companies have run out of new ideas and thinking of new ways to use existing technology in different ways, a large majority of which are simply not needed just to survive rather than invest in real new technologies.

I know this is a very cynical view on my part but since the first time I saw the first real personal computers in 1980s-1990s when pace of technological change was extremely fast with new products coming out every year to living in a world were no real new products has been created in over a decade which is very soul destroying or people like myself.

Frankly I am getting bored with modern world and it’s technology as there is nothing new to inspire my imagination or creative side!

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