Journal of a Lost Soul Part CDXXIII

Posted: 6 January, 2015 in Journal, Life

Over the last few days I have been very sleepy to a point as I return back from work each day I have fallen asleep on the settee after which it has taken me a while to wake up again afterwards. I suspect it is because work currently is a bit stressful and it is winding down from yet another Christmas peak at the store.

As always the issues at work are due to the actions and inactions of others which are causing potentially major problems at work which someone else will have to sort out all made worse by others facing the anger of unhappy customers. But as always those who responsible will manage to avoid the issues even blame others for their actions which is a very modern thing to do!

At least in few weeks time I have two weeks off, I know early in the year, but it is much needed after Christmas and New Year so I can rest and recuperate. Something I have done since working at the store as it has always been needed on my part as it starts off the new year just nicely.

Though this year I am going to make sure I take all my holidays before April regardless of the effect it as on others there as it is time I thought of myself before anyone else at work as after all the large majority of them there are basically very selfish and self-centred people who don’t give a dam about anyone else but themselves.

I need to start to get real control of my life again and start to put works place within my own life back into prospective in so much it stops being the most important part of my life to just something which is just part of my life which means I can do other things because of it. I doubt some of the people I work with will understand this attitude but it is something I need to do to keep my sanity and start moving my life forward again.

So once again it is time to wish me luck in the new year as always.

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